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Tacoma Treasure

I visited a very cool sort of one stop shop for woodworkers called Wane and Flitch. I went there because I had heard that they have a kiln and was hoping that they would be willing to dry out some of the kind of wood I use (big solid chunks) in it. I was given a tour of the place by very friendly and knowledgeable Nicole Martin and learned that they have what is called a vacuum kiln and are happy to dry all sorts and sizes of wood in it. Along with the kiln they have a saw mill, slabs for sale, epoxies, putties, dyes, tools, a full on woodworking shop where they make furniture to order. In short it's a great resource for all kinds of woodworking things.

Wane and Flitch, 701 E. 72nd st., Tacoma.

253 200 5939

Open to the public Thursday thru Saturday.

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